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Party Supplies Online-Party Supplies Australia

Party Balloons:One Stop Kids Party Shop

Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop your number 1 go to kids party supplies and general online party supplies store in Australia. We have all your kids party themes as well as baby shower party supplies and seasonal party supplies. For all your party decorations such as helium balloons, buntings, hanging decorations and scene setters we have all these covered for you. We are famous for our party bags, party favours and kids party games so grab yourself a cuppa or glass of wine and take your time to browse our site.

We are a small family business operating from the beautiful Sunshine Coast QLD. We welcome local orders and are happy to deliver to local customers or for local customers of the Sunshine Coast to come and collect their orders from us. We also ship out Australia Wide. While we have a huge selection of party supplies through our online party store website we also have access to many Australian party wholesalers and we are able to order in specific party themes and specific party requests in a very reasonable time frame. So don’t panic if you do not find what you need on our website instead call us on 07 5491 2771 or email us at and we will help you out.

Organising a party or event should be a fun time where you can use your inner creativity and just get lost in visions and dreams it can be a really good escape from other stressful life events. And don’t forget to enlist the help of family and friends especially those friends/family members that are very good at putting together creative concepts and ideas! You may also have friends/family members that are particularly good at organisation such as sending out invitations, following  up on R.S.V.P’s and event locations etc enlist so don’t be afraid to recruit the help of those closest around you they will be only too happy to get stuck into helping you out and they won’t find it as stressful as it is not their party. Here at One Stop Kids Party Shop we love helping our customers over the phone or email with concepts and ideas we are more they party suppliers we are also party stylists so like I said don’t be afraid to call or email for help. I have been in this business for nearly a decade now so I have lots of fantastic ideas to help you and I was a Early Childhood teacher and Primary school teacher prior to opening the business up so I’m always happy to help with creative party ideas and concepts.

charlotte pinataPrincess Party supplies 1st birthday boy Finding Nemo Party Decorations-One Stop Kids Party Shop Baby Shower Decorations Banner-One Stop Kids Party Shop clothesline party banner Gender Reveal Party-One Stop Kids Party Shop Minecraft Party Bags-One Stop Kids Party Shop Pirate Party Game-One Stop Kids Party Shop Umbrella Elephants invitations-One Stop Kids Party Shop Fancy Fairy StickersOne Stop Kids Party Shop fairy dinner plates One Stop Kids Party Shop Fancy Fairy PartyOne Stop Kids Party Shop Lollipop walkway-One Stop Kids Party Shop Party Balloons:One Stop Kids Party Shop Paw Patrol scene setter kit My Little Pony PartyOne Stop Kids Party Shop Disney_Cars_birthday_party_One_Stop_Kids_Party_Shop Shopkins party suppliesOne Stop Kids Party Shop Star Wars party bags shopkins image Finding Dory Party Food CakeOne Stop Kids Party shop RAINBOW RICE TREATSRAINBOW PARTY FOODONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP Pink Cups and DonutsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Finding Dory Party Door CoverOne Stop Kids Party Shop beautiful butterfly helium balloon:One Stop Kids Party Shop Girls Party InvitationsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Lego-Minifigure-Ice-Cube-Tray-Silicone-Candy-Mold-Sweet-Chocolate-DIY-Moulds boys-lego-birthday-party-cupcakes Outside Mad Hatter Invitationsone stop kids party shop Mad Hatter Tea Party SuppliesOne Stop Kids Party Shop $_12-4 Spiderman party candlesone stop kids party shop Spiderman Party BalloonsOne Stop Kids Party Shop dinosaur partyOne Stop Kids Party Shop soccer party tableOne Stop Kids Party Shop soccer cupcakes:One Stop Kids party Shop soccer party Soccer Bunting Flag:One Stop Kids Party Shop small rainbow party pack favoursone stop kids party shop Mickey Mouse Rainbow Party KitOne Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow unicornOne Stop Kids Party Shop Minions Helium BalloonOne Stop Kids Party Shop ladybug party rangeone Stop Kids Party Shop Gorgeous ladybug party rangeone stop kids party shop really good one Main Picture Rainbow Baby Shower PartyOne Stop Kids Party Shop Colorful-rainbow-geometric-Bardot-baby-shower-023 Rainbow Baby Shower Party Cake One Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Birthday Party SUGAR BUZZONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP SUGAR BUZZONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP 58149-the-good-dinosaur-hanging-swirl-decorations Mermaid Table Centrepiece Decoration Mermaid BalloonOne Stop Kids Party Shop 20317709 BBKIT1240 Lego friends birthday party ideasone stop kids party shop Best Lego Friends Image:One Stop Kids Party Shop Lego Friends cupcake Cases:One Stop Kids party Shop Linky Monkey BalloonOne Stop Kids Party Shop CAMO PARTY BANNERONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP camo party masks One Stop Kids Party Shop Camo Party Masksone stop kids party shop 8 Camo Party BagsOne Stop Kids Party shop CAMONERF ARMY PARTY TABLECOVERONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP brown tablecover Minecraft party:One Stop Kids Party Shop green and brown tablecover coloured balloons:one stop kids party shop Dora_2013_0665 CAMO PARTY SUPPLIESONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP Camo Party PackOne Stop Kids Party Shop Camo Party PicksOne Stop Kids Party Shop Thomas The Tank Engine Party CupsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Thomas The Tank Party Balloonone stop kids party shop Thomas The Tank Engine Party Scene Setter:one stop kids party shop take home party favours craft party:one stop kids party shop teenage mutant ninja turtlesone stop kids party shop TEENAGE NINJA TURTLESONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP TURTLES Owl baby shower party group:one stop kids party shop Owl TablecoverOne Stop Kids Party Shop Happi Tree Owl Party Lunch Plates:One Stop Kids Party Shop Owl Party BalloonOne Stop Kids Party Shop Ducky Themed Baby Shower PartyOne Stop Kids Party Shop Ballerina Party SuppliesOne Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow partyOne Stop Kids Party Shop LolliesOne Stop Kids Party Shop Bulk Candy Mix Lollies butterfly plastic trayOne Stop Kids Party Shop 8 rainbow paper platesOne Stop Kids Party Shop 8 rainbow cupsone stop kids party shop rainbow striped tablecover Construction Zone Lunch NapkinsOne Stop Kids Party Shop The good Dinosaur BalloonOne Stop Kids Party Shop Frozen party cupsOne Stop Kids Party Shop cutout snowflakes snowflake tablecover Snowflakes Paper Cups:One Stop Kids Party Shop Snowflakes Paper PlatesOne Stop Kids Party Shop Snowflakes Lunch Napkins:One Stop Kids Party Shop 1ST BIRTHDAY GIRLS PARTY SUPPLIESONESTOPKIDSPARTYSHOP Hula Beach Balloons Hula Beach Tablecover 1 Hula Girl Express Party PackOne Stop Kids Party Shop Mickey Mouse BirthdayParty Cars 2 Small Party Plates Disney Cars Party Plates Disney Cars Tablecover disney cars party favour pack DISNEY CARS SCENE SETTER KIT PAW PATROL FAVOUR PACK Minnie Mouse Loot BagsOne Stop Kids Party Shop MINNIE MOUSE PARTY FAVOURS 2 Minnie Mouse Decorating Ideas 1 Minnie Mouse Party Plates Small:Onestopkidspartyshop skull and crossbone holographic balloon Monster High Party 8 Monster High Party CupsOne Stop Kids Party Shop monster high balloonsonestopkidspartyshop Super Stylish Party platesonestopkidspartyshop Pink Zebra Boutique Tissue Fansonestopkidspartyshop baby shower pastel dots range GALLERY IMAGE Orange, Lime, Blue, Red Neon paper party bags:One Stop Kids Party Shop xmas block banner Snowman wall scene setter decorationOne Stop Kids Party Shop Merry Xmas Bunting Lego Block Balloon Lego BannerOne Stop Kids Party Shop Lego Tablecentrepiece decoration Elf on Shelf cold in fridge Elf on The Shelf Tartan Skirt ELF ON THE SHELF OUTFIT Elf On The Shelf Girl 8 Lego Blocks Loot Bagsone stop kids party shop Happy Birthday Block Lunch Lego Party Napkins:One Stop Kids Party Shop Lego Dessert PlatesLego party supplies Lego Blocks Party CupsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Lego Blocks Party TablecoverOne Stop Kids Party Shop Red Elf On The Shelf glitter Skirt Elf On The Shelf girl and boy Lego danglersOne Stop Kids Party Shop Lego Party Cupcake ToppersLego Party Cupcake Toppers Super Value Party Favours Pack Star Wars Party Scene Setter Decoration Star Wars Party Invitations star wars party balloonsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Star Wars Happy Birthday Party BannerOne Stop Kids Party Shop Star Wars Party PackOne Stop Kids Party Shop Smaller Tiki Xmas Party Supplies slide-luau-theme-party paperchainimage Halloween Decorations Creepy Cloth Spooky Halloween DrapeOne Stop Kids Party Shop 3 White ghostsOne Stop Kids Party Shop HALLOWEEN PARTY SUPPLIESONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP


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Kids Party Cakes / Birthday Party Cakes/ Girls Party Cakes / Boys Party Cakes

One of the biggest things when organising your child’s birthday party is the cake. Usually the cake centres around the theme of the birthday party if your little one is lucky enough to be celebrating their birthday with a birthday party!! Or if the birthday is a more low key family event then the cake may feature more around the age the child is turning or even their favourite toy or movie. Their is the decision to be made of are you going to make the party cake or are you going to invest in a professional cake maker to do the job for you? When considering if you are going to seek expert help with the party cake I suggest weighing up your budget as getting a cake especially made is very expensive justifiably so as it takes even professional hours and hours to create a masterpiece you are not so much paying for the ingredients you are paying for the professional cake maker to spend many of their working hours creating a work of art. If you do decide to have a crack at baking and designing the cake yourself I personally have found it very useful to have a practice run a good month at least before the big day to see if your idea is possible and to iron out any mistakes so when it comes time for the big day you will be happy with the outcome of the party cake. Here at One Stop Kids Party Shop we have some really good cake professionals that we can recommend and lets just say budget is going to be a big decider on how fantastic you want the cake to turn out.

Have some fun with One Stop Kids Party Shop colourful and crazy kids birthday cake ideas. From classic to whimsical and fun, these kids birthday cakes will be the talk of the party! And remember don’t be too hard on yourself if you do decide to make your child’s party cake as after all the kids only care about how good it taste and the icing!! Cupcakes can sometimes be a better option as well and at One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a great selection of Baking Cups, Cupcake Toppers & Cake Buntings to make your cupcakes or cake extra special and to add that special finishing touch that will make all the difference I promise!!


Below is a Army Camo Tank Party Cake my very clever husband made this cake for my son’s 6th birthday it was a Nerf Gun Themed Party, It was a huge hit with the party guests and my god did it taste good I wish my husband made me cakes every week he is so talented at making them look fantastic and taste even better but I guess my thighs and waist line would not be too thankful!!

Camo Party CakeOne Stop Kids Party Shop



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Party Supplies Online-Online Party Supplies-Australia’s One Stop Kids & Adult Party Supplies Shop


Welcome To One Stop Kids Party Shop

Hi and Welcome to One Stop Kids & Adults online Party Supplies Shop, Please take your time to search our Website and add to cart any items that you need for your upcoming birthday party, baby shower party or special event. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a massive range of Kids Birthday party supplies including kids party games, kids party themes, party supplies for boys birthday parties and party supplies for girls birthday parties and all your general Children’s Birthday Party Supplies. We have Helium Balloons as well as Latex Balloons which are of the best party industry quality and design. We have a massive range of Children’s Loot Bags, Party Plates that match your theme or colour of your party. Decorations, Banners, Pinata’s, Lanterns, Puff Balls, Buntings everything.

One Stop Kids Party Shop also caters for more than kids birthday party supplies, we also have a large range of baby shower party supplies, baby shower party decorations, Xmas Party Supplies & Xmas Decorations as well as all your other seasonal party supplies such as Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day and even St Patricks Day. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are more than a Kids Party shop we are a huge Megapartystore of all your essential online party supplies.

So please come into One Stop Kids Party Shop and find your self some great party bargains and receive fantastic fast service. To start your online party supplies shopping now simply click on this link party supplies online Now is a great time to purchase your party supplies as we have just introduced some gorgeous new ranges for boys and girls birthday parties and Baby shower parties. We also have a huge Clearance sale on and many of the products are selling for just a crazy $1. So stock up now for future and upcoming parties and events and save yourself a massive amount.


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Kids Birthday Parties/What Is The Best Birthday Party/Kids Party Supplies & More

Charlotte at The Oaks Golden Beach Sunshine Coast QLD

There are so many different ways to host a children’s party you can have the traditional at home birthday party which can be more work than you think and the cost can very easily add up with having to provide all food and entertainment. The local park this is a bonus as you have the park equipment to keep the kids busy and that is free and if you get there early you can get a good table and set up your decorations! However on the down side you have to pray it does not rain and you have transport everything including the cake to the park! Then there is the organised venue where everything is done for you!! I can never work out which is the best. But the past weekend we went to a fantastic birthday party at a local water park it was awesome there was a luxury white Gazebo set up with gorgeous white linen to match and the parents were allowed to bring their own drinks, decorations and loot bags. It was like we were all on holidays for a few hours! Here are some photo’s my daughter Charlotte having a ball and I have to say I felt really relaxed and refreshed after it and you can not say that for a lot of kids birthday parties!! If you are wondering where this fantastic birthday party was it was located at “The Oaks” Resort at Golden Beach on the Sunshine Coast Queensland which is about a 10 minute drive away from our house. We love living here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast we moved up here from Sydney at the end of 2015 and all we regret is not doing it sooner. 

Charlotte at The Oaks Golden Beach Sunshine Coast QLDCharlotte 2, The Oaks Golden Beach Sunshine Coast QLDCharlotte 3

Charlotte 4 The Oaks Sunshine Coast QLD

golden beach waterpark 4golden beach waterpark, Gazebo



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Kids Party Favours/Party Prizes/Kids Party Games

Treasure Chest Box/Kids Party Favours/One Stop Kids Party Shop

Are you a busy mum or dad or grandparent and your trying to organise your child’s birthday party but are totally strapped for time and creative brain energy? Then you have come to the right place. At One Stop Kids Party Shop  all our great staff working behind the scenes are parents of young to youngish children and we understand the demands on parents to pull off awesome birthday parties but it is very hard as we are all so busy. One thing One Stop Kids Party Shop can help you with is our pre made party favour kits for the kiddies. At all children’s birthday parties there are party games and usually take home kids themed party bags so we suggest grabbing one of our Mega party favour toy assortments rather than trying to buy individual packs of toys then trying to share them equally amongst the girls and boys whilst trying to work out who like’s what. With our latest mega kids party favour pack it comes with a Treasure Box please read below the ideas we suggest in relation to our mega party favours treasure box kit:

Mix boys and girls 60pce Party Favour toys with our Deluxe Large Treasure Chest

This fun Treasure Chest with Toy Assortment comes with 60 toys and prizes for your special event! Perfect for birthday parties, classroom parties, carnivals and more, kids will love picking out their own treasure to play with from this cardboard treasure chest. (60 pcs. per unit) 12″ x 7 1/2″ x 7″ Assortment may vary. Simple assembly required. Please note each treasure Assortment is different but equal in value, you will not get exactly everything pictured within image as each assortment is different. Can be used to pass around as pass the parcel, but you can play pass the treasure box. Or you can make up a treasure hunt game and give the kids their party bags and at the end when they find the treasure box they all get to choose a couple of toys to go in their take home party bags. Can also be used to fill the pinata. To purchase this kit please click on this link

treasure chest 1THIS ONEsmiling face spinning topsringsmobile phone water gunsMINI WATER GUNS 14_8037arainbow flutesLAZER SPINNING TOPS PATTERNBOUNCE BALLSmini dinosaur tattoosfairy tattoos6_Mini_Photo_Fra_53b3d3971e31310 sports ball whistleskids party favours4_Skateboard_Key_53b360c2e5c07Dino Puzzle Games.jpg


We have our Mega party favours 40pce mix without the Treasure box



We have our girls mixed Jewellery and Stationery Mix to keep the girly girls very happy

24_20675_537slapping sticky hands