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Camo/Army/Nerf Gun Theme Birthday Party

After just celebrating my son’s birthday party with the most fun terrific Camo/Army Nerf Gun theme I simply had to share the details with my online customers. Nathan has just turned 6 and he is moving away from Batman, Spiderman, Dinosaurs and Superhero themed characters and party themes so I thought hard and came up with a Camo/Nerf Gun Theme Party and what a hit it was.

We hired a fantastic kids party entertainer from Superheros Incorporated and he came dressed in his Camo gear and brought Nerf Guns and Cool Camo glasses for all the kids. He took the kids through training then set up battles for them and lots of other fantastic entertaining and very physical party games which was perfect for a bunch of 6 year old boys who are full of energy!!

My husband made a fantastic Army Tank Cake which was so so yummy and made all the great Army themed party loot bags using my Camo party favours and general party favours which I store. I also used Camo party tablecovers, Plates, cups, napkins the large Camo party scene setter backdrop, the teal and black metallic balloons and a camo bunting and bam we have a camo party room it was that easy. I also used the Camo party invitations which I sell as I could not be bothered making my own invitations this year which I have in the past and ended up taking up hours of my time which I no longer have.

So if you are thinking of having a Camo/Army/Nerf Gun themed birthday party I would strongly recommend it. Especially for boys who are now school aged and have moved past the more preschool based themes.

We had guest at the end thanking Nathan for such a great party and one little girl even said “That was the Best Party I have ever been too”.

If you do not want to shell out the bucks for a Camo party entertainer do not worry you can recruit your hubby or brother/uncle etc to play the part. Ask the guest to all bring their Nerf guns to the party and set up your own battles etc although I have to say hiring the Camo party entertainer from Superhero’s Inc was so worth every cent we spent and just allowed my husband and I to focus on making sure the kids had everything they needed and making the party run smoothly.