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Party Supplies Australia For $1 & Under/Crazy Party Warehouse Sale Clearance

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At One Stop Kids Party Shop there are lots of exciting changes and major growths ahead for  2015, we are no longer just a kids party supplies business we are a kids, adults, seasonal and adult themes including baby shower party supplies business and we have also ventured into party costumes and kids clothes, toys and gifts. All these changes and growths have meant that we need to clear warehouse space and get rid of stock that we have decided  to discontinue to make way for the changes ahead. There is  nothing wrong with our clearance party supplies in fact the products are all top quality party industry supply products as we never buy cheap and nasty party supplies. So if the budget strings are a bit tight at this time of year or you just want to put on a special birthday party or baby shower party or a gathering of friends but you do not want to spend a huge amount of money then you need to take advantage of our clearance products as they are selling fast and will not last long. Some of our products are just $1 or less, actually there is a whole category called “party for under $1, so check it out. Even if you do not have a party right now to plan and I know it is Xmas, and you need to put money aside for next years activities but when that time quickly comes around again whether it be Easter, a friends baby shower or your child’s birthday party you will be glad that you grabbed these bargains and put them away!!


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