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Baby Shower Games


Have you been asked to host a baby shower party for a friend or family member? Then you will need to ask yourself this question, What Baby Shower Games games will I organize for the occasion. Games have always been a big part of baby showers – so make sure you have lots of fun activities so that there’s never a dull moment at your shower. One Stop Kids Party Shop will help you to put together a great variety of unique and most importantly fun baby shower games.

To start with Your guests will have a blast playing our Baby Shower Games Word Sheets! Our word sheets feature Baby Word Scramble and Baby Word Search. There is no answer key available for our puzzles. Package includes 24 double sided sheets, each measuring 7in x 5in.

Baby Shower Party Game


Or Why not try An immeasurably fun shower game! Our Tummy Measure Baby Shower Game is perfect for your baby shower! Have each guest cut our tummy tape to guess the waist size of the mommy-to-be. The closest fit wins! Tape features the phrase, “What Size Is The New Mommy’s Tummy?” with decorative measurement lines. Package contains one roll of tummy tape, measuring 2in x 150ft.

Baby Shower Measure my tummy party game

One of our most popular games is I Want My Dummy.  You will receive 20 dummy necklaces either 10 blue and 10 pink or if you know the sex of the baby then please request the appropriate colour.


A fun, convenient way to play a classic baby shower game! Add some flair to your guests as they arrive by adorning them with their very own pacifier necklace and watch the fun begin! Your friends and family will stop at nothing to hang on to their own necklace while attempting to “steal” everyone else’s precious jewels. At the end of the shower, the person with the most necklaces is the Winner!

Here’s how it works: Everyone watches to see if anyone crosses their arms or legs during the shower. The person that catches anyone doing that gets their pacifier necklace. Or anyone caught saying the Mom’s name or the word Baby is at risk for having their necklace swiped. You get the idea.

“Dont Say Baby”, Baby Shower Party Game

Have a wild time at the baby shower with our Fisher Price Baby Shower Games Kit! Decorated with sweet baby jungle animals and bright pastel colors, this Baby Shower Games Kit includes 4 fun games for up to 20 baby shower guests to play. Fisher Price Baby Shower Games Kit includes a baby word search game, a word scramble game, baby shower gift bingo and a baby name game! An answer key is included. Game cards measure 4in x 6in, with a total of 40 game cards (2 games per card).

Includes lots of different baby shower party games

Grab A Yellow Ducky Baby shower Game

Use the duckies to play grab a ducky. Put the toy ducks in a large bowl or plastic container with water and each guest needs to put their hands behind their back and try and pick out a yellow duck. You can have a number on the bottom of each duck and depending on what number the guest pulls out will depend on whether they get a party favour gift or perhaps they have to tell a story about childbirth or worst moment as a mum etc. You could also just play that the guest who manages to get the most amount of ducks out of the container in the quickest time wins a gift. What is great about the duckies is they can be given to the mummy to be at the end of the shower for the baby to play with at bath time.

My Waters Just Broke/12 Mini Newborn Babies

This listing is for a pack of 12 newborn babies to use in the game My Waters Just Broke. This is a fantastic and hilarious baby shower party game. This game will sure break the ice at your upcoming baby shower celebration! Guests will be taken by surprise when you let them know about the little one in their favorite beverage! Prior to the shower, place a baby in each cube slot and make ice. During the shower, serve refreshments with the special ice. The guest that has their baby break free first is the winner! My water broke Caucasian – baby shower game will be the perfect icebreaker at your baby shower celebration!

Huge 27.94cm Baby Pink Fillable Bottle Bank-Use for Guessing Game and Baby shower Decorations

This huge pink bottle is a money box or a fillable gift accessory or a game prop whatever you want it to be. You can fill with marshmallows and use the bottle bank as a guessing game at the baby shower party, get all the guests to write down how many marshmallows they think it took to fill the bottle whoever gets it right wins a prize or gets the closest guess. You can use the bottle bank as a table centrepiece before you play the game or You can also fill the bottle with gifts to give to the mum to be, the ideas are endless, great for the babies first money box and nursery decoration.

Fillable baby bottle bank