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Throwing A Baby Shower Party

Baby Shower parties are such a special time in a women’s life. A Baby Shower Party is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term “shower” is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is “showered” with gifts.

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are so excited to announce that we now stock a very large range of baby shower party essentials. One of the most important parts of putting together a baby shower party is organising the baby shower party invitations and our most most popular baby shower invites are our Baby Diaper Ducky Invites Baby Shower Party Invitations.

We also have a fabulous selection of Baby Shower party games, baby shower party favours, baby shower party tableware such as plates, cups and napkins as well as baby shower decorations & Helium Balloons. We have a great range of baby shower ideas within many of our listings which will help you to put together a successful and most importantly entertaining fun baby shower party.

We have a variety of baby shower party ranges some of which are Vintage Owl, Ladybug, Tiny Bundle, Baby Clothes, Fisher Price Rainforest. We also have a great selection of baby blue and baby pink solid tableware which is a great option for a baby shower party as well.

It is good to have a selection of baby shower party games planned to help break the ice and get the guest’s warmed up and talking to one another. One of our favorites is “My Water Just Broke” (which we sell in store feel free to read about this game on our website) we also love our pin the dummy on the baby game which is a take on pin the tail on the donkey except the guest have to wear the blindfold and pin the dummy on the baby’s mouth. We also have baby word search games, bingo, Don’t Say Baby and lots of other fun baby shower party games.

Traditionally at a Baby Shower the guest’s are served Dips and crackers, Fruit, raw vegies etc then lunch such as Sandwiches, Wraps or rolls, then there is usually the Baby Shower cake or cupcakes. Often a lovely selection of juices, water and flavored mineral waters are served and some women may serve champagne as well but it is probably best to check with the mother to be on whether or not she wants Alcohol at the party. Then at the end or with desserts you may wish to serve tea and coffee, at One Stop Kids Party Shop all of our Baby Shower party cups are suitable for hot or cold beverages.

Who Should host the baby shower you may ask well it should be either the Mum to be’s mother or her mother in law, sisters or sisters in law, best friends the mum to be should NOT plan and host her own baby shower this is her time to be spoilt and she should not be burdened with the hassle of planning or hosting the event.

You may be worried about how much the baby shower party may cost especially if you feel you have been asked to host the party you may feel like it is your sole responsibility to pay for the day and this is not the case in modern day Australian Society. The best way to cover the costs is to ask each guest to chip in a small amount if you do not feel comfortable with this ask each family member. Some things you may like to take into consideration before estimating a budget for the event is you will need to pay for Invitations/stamps, food, paper plates, cups, plastic knives and forks etc, decorations, baby shower games, baby shower favours, take home goody bags, thank you letters, gifts you may wish to ask all the guest to chip in for one big present and a donation towards the party and possibly you may wish to hire a location especially if it is a large party local scout halls are very affordable, and have a kitchen.

Baby Showers can be such fun beautiful events with some careful planning and organization the mum to be and guest will remember the day forever. For some great baby shower party supplies come and visit us at One Stop Kids Party Shop.
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