Rose Gold Love Script Balloon



108*64cm or so is not inflated size
【Material】: high-quality aluminum film, Note: This baby is high quality aluminum
Film balloon, not street vendors selling ordinary plastic balloons
【Features】: 1, the material for the aluminum, the ball has a metallic luster, color are
    Uniform, spherical and beautiful
  2, can be used repeatedly, charge and discharge convenience, do not use once to throw away Oh!
Special Note:
(1) to the aluminum balloon inflatable must be slow, available to play
Pump filled to 90%, and then blown with a straw, easy to control the gas, so as not to support
broken. If you encounter a 2-layer aluminum film sticky situation, be sure to stop inflatable,
Gently pull the two layers of aluminum and then inflated, or easy to damage.
(2) sharp objects, unclean ground, direct sunlight and excessive squeeze
Easy to damage the ball, burst
(3) due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the gas, winter or air temperature should be appropriate
To the aluminum balloon inflatable; summer or temperature rise, the appropriate to the aluminum balloon
Deflated to avoid breaking up.


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