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How To Set Up A Disney Frozen Birthday Party/Frozen Party Theme Ideas

Hosting a Disney Frozen Birthday Party but in desperate need of some inspiration and where to get the products to create the inspiration from? Then look no further the style team from One Stop Kids Party Shop is here to the rescue. With a Disney Frozen birthday party our style team recommends to first start with deciding are you going to go with the Frozen colours of teal/Turquoise, pink, purple and light blue or are you going to go the snowflake frozen snow look of blues, whites, silver and snowflakes? Here at One Stop Kids Party Shop we have both themes covered, you just need to decide one way or the other, if  your not sure enlist the help of the birthday girl as after all it is a celebration of her life and her birthday so why not start with your little girls personal preference.

Once your little girl and yourself have decided which colour scheme you are going to go with for the Disney Frozen birthday party, then you can set about co- ordinating all the party supplies. You need to consider the following:

How many tables are you going to have? Our stylist here at One Stop Kids Party Shop recommend having a main “Focus party table” This is the table that you will present the birthday cake, the main party food, the party plates, cups, napkins, cutlery and the table that you will create your backdrop and for front decorations, basically it is the party table that will be the Feature Piece of the party room, it is the Feature piece as it is a Statement to your party guests that says this is a Frozen birthday party. It is the party table that you want all the little princess Elsa’s and Anna’s to feel like they really are in Nordic kingdom of Arendelle. If you have decided on a pink, teal, purple and light blue theme then you create your party focus table around those colours (Please see image below). if you wish to have a few extra’s tables then go with a solid colour table cover for the other non feature tables so go with a hot pink, deep purple and teal tablecover as you do not want to take away from the feature Frozen party table. Please see images below for further inspiration and ideas to help you to get started on styling your little girls Frozen birthday party. To purchase these great frozen party supplies simply go to

Frozen Party Set UpFrozen Party Feature Tablefrozendesserttable-580x491

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