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How To Create A Balloon Garland | Premium Balloons & DIY Garlands

How To Create A Balloon Garland | Premium Balloons & DIY Garlands


So your imagining a fantastic party at home or perhaps your envisioning saving money but not style by cutting out a professional event stylist for your birthday party, wedding or an engagement party? Then the team here at One Stop Kids Party Shop can help you.


We have some great DIY Balloon Cloud Garland Kits, that can save you hundreds of dollars in party decorations and wedding decorations however they do not comprise on style or Look. Our DIY balloon garland kits and our Confetti Balloon Bouquets will give your event that extra styling professional edge. We do have a fantastic Blog on creating the very best DIY balloon garland kit which we email out to all our customers who choose to purchase a balloon garland kit from us and we really recommend taking the time to read it carefully and watch the suggested tutorials to ensure that you get the most out of your creation. Sometimes it’s tempting to just jump into something without doing any research at all but many people including ourselves and our customers have created a lot of balloon garlands and have made mistakes as well as great decisions along the way so why not take a moment to go through our lessons so you can guarantee a successful balloon garland piece at your special event.


Where possible we are happy to customise orders for customers as long as we have the stock available to do so. Customised orders may or may not attract a small extra fee!! If your thinking of this send us a no pressure email at and let us know your thoughts and visions and we can help you. If you have seen a DIY garland on Pinterest or Google images somewhere that you love attached it to the email, that way it gives us a really clear vision of what your trying to achieve for your special day.





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The Teachers Pet- Shanelle Dawson’s Beautiful Poem “Mother”

The Teachers Pet the saddest untold criminal story in Australia until now thanks to Award Winning Journalist Hedley Thomas from The Australian. The Northern Beaches that became poison for my family and saw us kicked up the but and booted out within a matter of two months but lead us to the beautiful Sunshine Coast close to 4 years ago seems that things are not as they seem on the “Insular Peninsula”


Born and Bred on the Northern Beachers just 2km from Cromer High School and later teaching at Cromer primary school after graduating from Macquarie University with a degree in teaching, the podcast “The Teacher’s Pet” has had a profound emotional affect on my life over the past several months. My husband attended Cromer High School as did my sister in law, my brother in Law, my first serious boyfriend and many other close friends. My husbands first serious high school sweet heart was rapped by a teacher at Cromer High School after school one afternoon in the 1990’s so the abuse between teachers and students has gone on well past the 70’s and 80’s and that happened in the 90’s. I even attended cromer high for a couple of days in the early 90’s after been bullied and not fitting in at one of the private schools on the Northern Beaches however I only lasted a few days and decided to return to the bitchy private school as I could see there was no future for me at Cromer. That is a story for another blog.

What has increased my curiosity with the case even more is i have Meet a character in the past 8 months at where I take my dog training, his name is Chris, but let me give you some back ground information first. I have a working dog. She is a Blue Heeler, Border Collie with some Kelpie in there as well. She has just turned two which we celebrated with lots of opening of gifts and special treats but part of that celebration was for us, we made it through two years with a highly active born to work, working dog in a city home and let me tell you that is no easy task and probably not one I would repeat again. These dogs are amazing, their intelligence is beyond ridiculous, her name is Rosie and she is my best friend. She spends every waking and sleeping moment with me and I swear we have some form of telepathic communication, it’s crazy. Rosie has helped me get through the past couple of years which have at times been overwhelming with battles that seem never ending and nonsensical, she has been there with me through the thick of it. I truly believe dogs are angels on earth.

Anyway I’m getting off track. We take out beloved fur daughter Rosie to a Dog Training Club up here on the Sunshine Coast (we no longer live on the Northern Beaches) and we meet this lovely man called Chris. Chris is around 70 years of age and he helps the owner of the club out as the club has become very popular after a few features on the local news and after some really successful transformations. After about the third week of listening to The Teachers Pet Podcast and hearing about this man Chris Dawson it suddenly dawned on me one night as I lay mediating on the floor of my bedroom my brain said to me Hm Chris, I know a Chris who is about the same age as Chris Dawson. The Chris I know is also onto his third wife like Chris Dawson and his third wife is also called Sue just like Chris Dawson. The Chris I know has an identical twin brother (Not sure of his name) but I do know they have built houses together and spent time growing up in Sydney before making their way to QLD later in life. The Chris I have meet said his children’s don’t really speak to him anymore which I could not get as he seems like such a nice bloke. The Chris I know loves Coke A Cola as I do and so does Chris Dawson. The Chris I met speaks like Chris Dawson and even looks like him particularly in the photos of Chris Dawson as a young man not so much now. The Chris I’m friends with has absolute no trace of himself online and is even obviously absent from photos which show staff members at the various dog training groups he belongs to. There are several other very eerie coincidences but I won’t go into detail as yet as they are still been investigated. But after ACA showed a clip a few weeks back on Chris Dawson and Paul Dawson in the street I realised the Chris I know was not “THE” Chris Dawson so I just can not explain this, my dad said there would be more chance of winning powerball than this happening.


Anyway if you have enjoyed my post/blog so far and would like to hear more about my story please leave a comment below. I want to leave by putting in Shanelle Dawson’s touching poem called “Mother” I found it so comforting yet so sad as well. I will be walking to the highest point tomorrow near to where I live and laying a flower for Lyn Dawson in her memory. Her personality resonates with me. A nurse/Early childhood educator, a women who had a honest love, care and commitment to the lives of young children, a fellow women who understood the struggle of infertility and the fear that comes with that. This is for you Lyn Dawson..


I don’ know how to relate to the concept of Mother

Where that solid form of comfort should be is just air

Space that has longed to be filled for so long

But how to fill a space worthy of nothing less than mother

Mother Earth has done her best, I feel her under my feet and flowing

Through every beat of my heart and all the space in between

She has held me well as has the air I breathe into every cell of my bean

Every fibre that’s known to me, but a hole where a mother should be

All I can do is breathe into a hole where I long for her to be.


By Shanelle Dawson


The picture is a view from my back yard growing up in Lancaster Cresent Collaroy




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Lego Party Supplies|Lego Party Decorations|Lego Party Cake

Lego Party Supplies



Lego Themed Parties are one of the most popular kids party themes in Australia and Online!! Who can resist turning one of children’s most popular pass times into a party theme!! And what we love here at One Stop Kids Party Shop is the colours and fun that you can have when you host a Lego Themed Party.


At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a wide variety of Lego party supplies to make your Lego themed party planning a lot easier, and don’t forget you can mix and match your lego party supplies with solid colour partyware and some of the lego party range. For example you may go with bright yellow and red cups then choose the licensed Lego party plates to match.

We have everything from Lego party invitations, Lego party decorations, Lego party plates, lego party cups, lego party table cloths, Lego Mold’s, Lego party bags and lots of great children’s party favours that you can use at your lego themed birthday party for the lego party games.

For Party Food and Drink at you lego themed birthday party you can have some fun and celebrate the lego theme by cutting Sandwiches and pizza into squares and adding some colour in the lego theme solid colours to the kids drinking water!! You may wish to have a go at using our Lego molds that come in the shape of either lego bricks or lego men and you can make your very own original lego candy, lego chocolates, lego cupcake toppers, lego jelly’s, Lego Crayons, Lego Men plaster cast that the kids can paint at the party then take them home as a gift and much more. For a Great Tutorial on you tube on how to make your very own Lego Candy please head over to this link How To Make Your Own Lego Candies Easy



Lego Games and Activities

There are so many party games to play with building blocks, you could compete to see who can build the tallest tower, make your favourite characters or super heroes, design your own impressive buildings and create your own cars and race them! You may also wish to play treasure hunt for lego bricks and hide lego bricks either in a sandpit or around the back yard. Make sure you have lots of prizes on hand to give out to all the kids for all their hard efforts.


Our Lego themed party supplies are very competitive in price so please come and have a look for yourself at our great LEGO PARTY RANGE SUPPLIES simply click the purple link above and it will take you straight through to our Lego themed party supplies. Don’t be afraid to throw a fun kids party at home, the kids are not there to judge you just to have a good time and with some very simple games, cake, food and balloons the kids will honestly have so much fun!!


Paper Party Bags in Lego Themed Solid Colours With Lego Character sticker sealers to Truly create that Lego Party Bag Finishing Touch.
Kit Containing 4 Lego Party solid coloured Tablecovers

Lego Party Tablecover layering the colours



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Confetti Balloons | One Stop Kids Party Shop

At One Stop Kids we have a large range of confetti balloons in a large variety of colours and styles. We can also do our best to customise your confetti balloons. If you are a local we can set your confetti balloon bouquets up for you (at a extra cost). Confetti balloons just add that extra special touch to your birthday party, anniversary, wedding or baby shower.





Our Balloons are professional Helium Quality they are  designed to be filled to 30.2cm, think tear drop not light bulb when inflating balloons, light bulb balloons are look yuck and they are over inflated leaving them very likely to burst when they start to expand with heat as all balloons do.
– Please take note our balloon bouquet’s are shipped flat! Balloon strings are not included in the package.
– We have already done the hard, time consuming work of pre filling the clear balloons with Confetti, so all you have to do is inflate, please read instructions below for correct inflation of confetti filled balloons, they are gorgeous balloons but they do take reading the instructions to get the best look!!

If you are filling the balloons with helium the confetti will tend to sit at the bottom of the balloon and move around as the balloon moves, if you are filling the balloon with Air (Not Breathe) then you are able to create static more and you will find the confetti will stick to the sides of the balloon better than with helium. However please note different climates will have an affect on how much the confetti sticks to the side or sits at the bottom of the balloon. To get the most out of your confetti balloons please read the instructions.

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How To Create Your Own Balloon Garland

How To Create Your Own Balloon Garland

Wedding Decor, Baby Shower Decorations, Party Decorations


Balloon Garlands are the Number 1 Party Piece world wide at the moment!! And we know why!! They look fantastic, they make a huge impression on a budget, you do not need to use Helium to create them and best of all as they are air filled you can create the balloon garland a few days in advance of the party which is always a massive bonus as who want’s to be worried about frantically decorating their house while juggling food, cake and guests arriving any moment!! Don’t worry we have all been there and that is why the team here at One Stop Kids Party Shop have gone crazy for the DIY Balloon garland Kits.


How it Works

Here at One Stop Kids Party Shop we supply DIY Balloon Garland Kits in many different colours schemes. We help our customers to create their very DIY balloon garland kit by supplying a 3 Metre long Plastic Balloon Decorating Strip with their kit, that means at the end the balloon garland can be up to 3 Metres long. However you can cut the strip down to make it smaller, or cut it into two or three different pieces to create a few smaller balloon garlands. What we love about DIY balloon garlands is they allow for individual creativity and imagination. We usually get our customers to email us their creations and it is just so exciting and rewarding to see how different people take the same items and add their very unique touch on it.

The Balloon Decorating Strip is designed for any size balloon. Balloons may be inflated with air or helium. Two hole sizes are provided. The smaller for balloons 3″ to 9″ and the larger for balloons 9″ to 18″. You may not need to use all holes provided. This clear, polyethylene strip is practically invisible as it holds up to 12 balloons per foot.

1. Use all same size balloons or stagger larger and smaller balloons. Choose colors to complement your event space. Inflate and tie the balloons.

2. Cut strip to desired length for clusters, arches, streamers or garlands. Leave extra on the ends for fastening the decoration once complete.

3. Pinch the lip of the balloon together and pull the knot in the balloon neck through the hole.

4. Attach balloons to one or both sides of the strip to create an even cluster. Explore variations until you recieve your desired look. Skip a hole if balloons are too tight.

5. Use as is or attach accessories to complement your event theme such as curling ribbon, flowers, leaves, tulle, etc. These finishing special touches to your garland can be found at stores such as Kmart, The reject Shop, Dollar Stores and Target/Spotlight however Target and Spotlight tend to be a little more pricey.

6) We always remind our customers to NOT OVER INFLATE THEIR BALLOONS it is tempting to over inflate your balloon perhaps thinking it will last longer, look bigger than it is or just plain error, this is a big No No. Over inflated balloons look ugly think about the type of balloon that looks like a light globe compared to a nice tear drop shape. The over inflated one is the the ugly light globe shape one and they really do not look appealing to look at and they certainly will look really yuck on your Balloon Garland. You want your balloon to still be a bit squishy for a balloon garland and leave a long tail as this will make putting them all together much easier later. PLEASE NOTE THESE BALLOONS ARE VERY HIGH QUALITY YOU CAN NOT BLOW THEM UP WITH YOUR MOUTH YOU WILL NEED EITHER A HAND HELD PUMP OR HELIUM. SOME OF OUR KITS COME WITH A HAND HELD PUMP SOME DO NOT. WE CAN SELL YOU ONE SEPARATELY IF NEEDED THANKS.

7) You do not have to use the balloon strip to create your DIY Garland kit that you purchase from us. There are many other creative ways to put together a DIY balloon garland and we will put some links to some great You Tube Tutorials below.

8) The most important things to remember are allow extra time so you don’t get flustered. Do not over inflate your balloons or they will pop shortly after been inflated as balloons expand. Don’t put to much pressure on your self to get it right as there really is not right or wrong way to create a DIY balloon garland it is all about having fun and letting your creativity run wild.