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1st Birthday Party Supplies, Girls 1st Birthday Party Supplies, Boys 1st Birthday Party Supplies

The 1st birthday party is the most special birthday party, it celebrates a massive milestone for both baby and parents. Your baby has grown and developed so much in the 1st year of their life and so have you! The 1st birthday party should not be underestimated. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are all parents and we understand just how important all little girl’s and little boys 1st birthday parties are so we have put together a great selection of 1st birthday girl and 1st birthday boys party supplies and party decorations to help you to create a beautiful memorable event.

For girls our main 1st birthday party theme is our gorgeous ladybug 1st birthday range (Please see below for images) however we have incorporated a few other party ranges that we feel are just too cute to leave out and we have a great selection of pink, lavender’s and Pearl Whites woven into the 1st birthday girl party range as these colours are just perfect for a little girls 1st birthday.

For the boys we have our 1st birthday boy turtle range, 1st birthday Mickey Mouse party range, Dino range, at the farm range, cheeky monkey range, under construction range and once again a few other party ranges that we felt were perfect for celebrating a 1st birthday boys party. We have woven into our 1st birthday boy party supplies the colours of baby blue, lime green and yellow.


  • Consider your child’s sleep time and plan the party at the time you know they are going to be at their happiest. A 1st birthday party can be a little overwhelming for a 1 year old and the last thing you would want is to compound that with tiredness. Also keep the party to 1 to 1.5 hours at the most that is plenty enough time for 1 year olds.
  • If you are planning to have the 1st birthday party at a local park make sure there is a good toilet facility possibly with a changing table to make things easier on parents. Pick a park with a enclosed fence all the way around it as some of the babies may be on the move and some may have toddler brothers and sisters and it is not enjoyable for parents to spend the whole time worrying about their young child escaping. Also consider a park that has play equipment that is perfect for a 1 year old. Make sure the park also has shade.
  • If having the 1st birthday party at home consider setting up a few play stations for the bubs to play at. You could have a ball pit simply fill a splash pool with balls that can be purchased cheaply from Kmart. A Sandpit with some trucks etc is also a good idea, drawing with crayons, a little dance area, small play equipment if you do not have any consider a special hire for the weekend from a local toy library or from a friend.
  • Make sure you nominate a guest or family member to take lots of photos you will be very busy hosting and you don’t want to miss out  on capturing all the special moments.

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